Wills and Probate

With a will you make the decision on how your assets, property and possessions are distributed and administered after your death. The law doesn't require you to make a will, if you don't you are said to have died "intestate" (did not leave a will or testament) and legislation is in place to divide up your assets in accordance with UK law.

It is  in your best interests and the interests of your family, friends and colleagues to make a will to ensure your possessions are passed on as you would have wanted. Family Law Sheffield would strongly encourage you to do so and can help you with the process the process by putting you in touch with a suitable solicitor near you in Sheffield.

There are  tax advantages in making a will, by planning early enough your Family Law Sheffield solicitor will explore possibilities with you to find substantial tax savings and incorporate the plan in your will.

If a friend or relative has died 'intestate' (without a will)  you will need legal advice on:

  • What to do next?
  • How do I find out if I am entitled to an inheritance?
  • How do I calculate much tax is due?

Although someone has died without a will, there is a strong possibility you will still be entitled to inherit a share any assets. The law here can get complicated, get in touch with Family Law Sheffield if you feel you need expert legal direction.


When someone you know or are related to dies you need to get permission for the right to take the responsibility for their estate and to administer bank accounts, investments, property portfolios etc...A Probate is the term normally used to describe the process of applying for that right.

When someone has left a will, part of the document will name  'executors'. Executors are people the deceased has instructed to administer their estate. However before they are allowed to begin that process, the named executor needs to apply for a 'grant of probate' from the appropriate court.

When the deceased did not leave a will (died intestate) a member of the immediate family can apply to look after and sort out the estate by applying for a 'grant of letters of aministration' from the probate registry.

Obviously with all these terms and processes this can be a confusing not to say complicated business, and it is best if you consult and appoint a lawyer. Family Law Sheffield will put you in touch with lawyers near you in Sheffield.

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