A pension is a key part in planning for your financial well being when you retire from work.

Because of this it is essential that you know some facts about your pension rights as an individual and about your pension responsibilities as an employer.


Employers should find the answers to the following questions  about pensions:

Are there any tax benefits?

As a company do we have to provide my employees with a pension?

How do we go about establishing an employee pension scheme?


As an individual you may want to find out:

What are my rights to a state pension?

What happens to pensions on divorce?

Will my spouse take a share of my pension?

Can my wife take a share of my pension?

Is my employer legally obliged to provide a pension?

A variety of acts of parliament have served to make pensions law and legislation quite complex, this makes pension law no different to other areas of the law in that it can be changeable through case law and legislation.

You should aware of the Pensions Schemes Act 1993 (PSA 1993).  This deals with personal pensions, occupational pensions, private pension schemes and your rights to state pensions.

The Pensions Act 1995 (PA 1995)  is also responsible for some major changes. Before 1995 a pension scheme member divorcing his spouse could be ordered by a court to give a larger percentage of their matrimonial property compared to a similar situation where no pension rights existed.

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