Family Mediation

What is Mediation?

Mediation is the process of using a third party to help settle a dispute between two individuals or groups. The "mediator" helps find a resolution acceptable to everyone.

The mediation process works well in family disputes such as divorces and can help keep the dispute from reaching a court of law. The nature of mediation is to encourage compromise on both sides. This can prove to be less of strain on those involved, encourage a positive approach to the problem and avoid the more argumentative and complicated nature of the court. Avoiding the need for the dispute to go to court also reduces costs substantially.

It should also be considered that since April 2011, if you're a divorcing couple, prior to going to court and debating finances on divorce a Mediation Assessment is required.

Mediation is informal but you should avoid beginning the mediation process without first seeking out legal advice or consulting a solicitor. Family Law Sheffield solicitors can offer advice and guidance on the mediation process. We will help you decide if it's the correct approach to resolve your situation and dipute and will recommend an appropriate and experienced mediatior to advise you and make sure that the final resolution is acceptable and beneficial to you.

Family Law Sheffield connect you with the right specialist family law solicitors for you. Family law solicitors who have experience, expertise and expert knowledge of the law as it relates family mediation, who will help you through what can sometimes be a confusing and complicated process.

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