Civil Partnerships

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 gives same sex couples recognition of their relationship under law. To gain that recognition the couple must go through the process of "giving notice" at their local register office. Here they state that they wish to register a civil partnership. As a cvil partnership the couple will share many of the legal rights and benefits enjoyed by married couples in areas such as:

  • employment benefits and pensions
  • child maintenance and parental responsibility for civil partner's children
  • access to accident compensation and insurance
  • protection from domestic violence and immigration rights
  • tax

Although the benefits are clear the law around them are far from simple. When considering a civil partnership as a couple you will benefit from the expert advice at Family Law Sheffield and our experienced family law solicitors.

Family Law Sheffield connect you with the right specialist family law solicitors for you. Family law solicitors who have experience, expertise and expert knowledge of the law as it relates to ciivil partnerships, who will help you through what can sometimes be a confusing and complicated process.

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